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It’s not too late to learn the meaning of the Book of Revelation!


If you would like to contact Ken Wade, please share your comments below. Ken reads every response, although the Bible and Jesus are his top priorities. In that regard, please understand that he does not routinely respond to individual comments.

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If you would like to order the Bible Study help, “Seven Keys to the Scriptures,” please go to this page and use the information there to place an order. This series of books will guide you through the 52 videos with with details and a level of accuracy you will not find published anywhere else. It truly IS a blessing unlike any other!

These are hard-bound books of great quality and invaluable content. They are carefully packed in boxes for shipping by local participants in our group. In fact, that usually happens in the middle of a living room or at a kitchen table.

If you are traveling through or live near southeastern Michigan, we hold weekly bible study group meetings on Sundays, from 2pm to 5pm at the Birmingham, MI, YMCA. This meeting is not an ordinary “Sunday Service.” It is an intensive study of the Holy Bible with interaction and comments from anyone who has a heart to do so.

We do not follow “mainstream Christianity” goals of building great numbers and structures. There are no videos, pop music, coffee bars or camps and groups to entertain families. No collection trays, memberships or creeds. Have no fear, all who attend are still in the process of learning God’s Word more deeply each week. In this special ecclesia, we pray that God almighty will call those with a heart filled with hunger for truth and nearness to Jesus, that holds a future of life consecrated unto Him, and one everlasting WITH Him, Amen! All are welcome.